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It Suddenly Turned Cold In Greensboro, NC.

Today, October 8, 2013 everyone in my family woke up to a surprise.  Only, I don’t think any of us realized it until we walked outside and felt the cold chill of the air.  What a shock to the system!  Just two days ago the high temperature was 83°F and the day before that 88°.  Today’s high is expected to hit just a balmy 63°F, and this morning’s low was down in the 40’s.

My son ran out the door late for school, then he came running back inside looking for his North Face jacket, only to realize he couldn’t find it.  My daughter and I, leaving for her orthodontist appointment, jumped into the car parked in the garage, so we didn’t notice how cool it was outside.  That is, until we got out of the car to run inside for her appointment.  She complained and complained about cold she was, wanting me to take her back to get her jacket.  I told her it would warm up and she’d be okay later in the day.  That was before I saw the expected high.  She is going to kill me when she returns home.

That being said leads me to my main point... LET THE CALLS BEGIN!  Every time we have a drastic shift in temperatures from hot to cold, we get what seems like a million phone calls asking the same question.  It seems everyone starts it off the same way, “I have a stupid question.”  Although it isn’t really a stupid question, by the time they begin to ask, we already know what they are about to ask, “Which direction should my ceiling fan be blowing to bring heat down from the ceiling?”  We respect each customer and don’t mind answering the question.  We try to treat it like it is the first time we’ve heard the question.  We respectfully allow them to finish asking their question, and then we give them the answer...

Do you know which way your ceiling fan should be turning during the winter?  Are you 100% sure you are correct?  We’ll give you time to think about it and then we’ll give you the answer in a day or two.  

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Ashley October 8, 2013 at 3:22 PM Reply
I am almost certain it is clockwise.
Jeff August 9, 2017 at 2:12 PM Reply