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Extra Large Ceiling Fans with Big 72 Inch, 84 Inch, to 99 Inch Blade Spans

By Walter August 9, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

Only a few years ago, when a person thought of Large Ceiling Fans they would have been thinking of a ceiling fan of 52 inches in diameter, or possibly up to 60 inches. Those ceiling fan sizes have rapidly become small in size considering the sizes that are popular in residential ceiling fans today.


Not too many years ago, a company Big Ass Fans (ass as in using a donkey logo) came onto the scene selling extra large ceiling fans that use a gearbox and long extruded aluminum blades, which they call airfoils, with spans of  anywhere from 10 feet to over 20 feet. These ceiling fans became very popular in large warehouses. Many customers who had seen these fans began to want the same style for huge open spaces in their own homes. The problem was (and still is) the weight requirement for hanging the large industrial versions of these warehouse fans. These industrial ceiling fans have to be mounted onto steel I-beams, and many times required three to four people to install them due to the weight factor alone. Residential houses simply just don’t have the proper structure to support such ceiling fans.


Minka Aire ceiling fan company quickly offered a 65” ceiling fan that they called the Slipstream, to give residential home owners the styling offered by Big Ass Fans. Using eight blades, and a slightly larger than normal blade span, the Slipstream gave more airflow than the average ceiling fan, and gave customers the look they desired in the industrial styling category. The Slipstream is a very good ceiling fan, but still didn’t quite do it for those wanting something really large to demand attention inside of their home. Plus, the blades on the Slipstream are made of a plastic material, verses the high end extruded aluminum as the large industrial fan maker used.


Not too long after, TroposAir Ceiling Fans began to offer a large ceiling fan with a choice of 72” or 84” blade spans. That is blade spans of 6 feet or 7 feet in diameter. That really started to tap into the style category that Big Ass Fans was making for big warehouses. Also, instead of the cheaper looking plastic blades, TroposAir went all out with their Titan model and decided to make it using excellent quality extruded aluminum blades with a down curved design that really helps to increase airflow. Whereas the Minka Aire Slipstream offered a decent  amount of cubic feet per minute of airflow at 8,778, the Titan ceiling fan moves up to 14,352 CFMs. That’s a huge difference, and it really gives customers the look and the true reason they wanted a large ceiling fan for, airflow!


You may wonder, will one of these really big ceiling fans look okay in my space, my space isn’t that large? The answer is yes! It isn’t like the old fashioned fans where customers wanted them to hide away because they didn’t want a fan to become a focal point. It’s just the opposite with the new design trends. These modern industrial models are designed to be a focal point into the room, as to say, “Look at me! I’m bigger, badder, and not a wimp like your grandma’s ceiling fan.” Don’t take our word for it, we are attaching photos of these fans in rooms that aren’t the largest in the world to prove it. For them to look and perform right, you only need to make sure you have at least 30” or so clearance from the tip of each blade to the nearest wall in your room. If you have that, you will be fine and overwhelmingly satisfied with whichever large ceiling fan model you decide to go with.


Today, there are more and more fans appearing on the market that are what would be classified as large ceiling fans, huge, big, humongous, whatever you’d like to call them. Hunter offers them, Craftmade does, as well as Fanimation and Minka Aire all offer some rally big ceiling fans now-a-days for residential dwellings. For the most part, all of these models have kept the modern industrial styling of the Big Ass Fans brand, but no matter which modern large ceiling fan you end up with, to this day we feel you will get the best bang for your buck with one of the originals, the 84” TroposAir Titan Ceiling Fan. It uses all the best materials, and we have yet to find one of these bigger models for residential use that moves at much air. Even with a Minka Aire Ninety-Nine, which is a 99 inch ceiling fan, you won’t find as much air in a fan as the Titan. I best of all, this model is less expensive by about $100 than most models in it’s class.


So, there you have it, our take on Large Ceiling Fans from the professionals at Palm Fan Store. We sincerely hope this has been helpful. Please feel free to leave comments and opinions below.

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