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Pre-Fall Ceiling Fan Sale

By Administrator September 11, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

While Nationally the economy is supposedly stuggling, this has been a record summer for ceiling fan sales here at the Palm Fan Store.  To be honest, the first quater of the year started out a little sluggish for us, but then as Spring came our sales volume got back to normal, and then this Summer things picked up to record levels.  It has been better than we could have imagined.

Now, to show our appreciation we'd like to offer all of our ceiling fans at all of the manufacturer's minimum allowed resale price points.  Every Hunter, Casablanca, Gulf-Coast, and all other brands of ceiling fans we offer, all at the lowest price anyone is allowed to sell them for.  These prices are set by the manfacturer's as the lowest price allowed and it is very rare to find fans priced right at these price points, especially including free shipping (on most) because the profit margins are so low when, or if, you find items going at these prices.

The manufacturer's set these prices to protect low volume retailers that otherwise wouldn't be able to compete with high volume resalers such as ourselves.  To be honest, we would always love to see more profits than what the minimum prices allow us to receive on the fan sales, but we also understand that the more competitive we are, the more fans we will sell.  So in the end we take lower profits per ceiling fan sold, but all in all we profit more because we will sell more fans.  This helps you SAVE and helps us make more overall at the same time.

Hurry and buy your next outdoor ceiling fans from us at the Palm Fan Store, or any style fan for that matter, while we are still offering these prices on every ceiling fan.  Our prices are always low and competitive, but now always this low!  It is also a bonus to purchase from a company like us that has nearly a 100% customer satifaction rate.  I would like to leave out to "nearly" part of that 100%, but to be honest it's probably a 99.9% satisfaction rate.  The one thing I will promise it I, or someone here at the Palm Fan Store will give 110% to make sure you are in that 99.9% of statistics!

Thanks for reading and I hope you will take advantage of these savings while they are still available.

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