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Tropical Ceiling Fans, One of Today's Hottest Design Ideas

By Zachary October 1, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Twenty-nine years ago, the first ceiling fan was introduced that used palm fronds as blades and became what was known as the first tropical ceiling fan design. Tom Frampton, founder of Fanimation became involved in ceiling fan design while working for Casablanca Fan Company when he was still in high school, and his design of the Punkah ceiling fan was this ceiling fan.  The Punkah fan waved its blades side to side to create a breaze similar to a hand fan, rather than spinning in a circular motion to create airflow, and was the first in what has now become a very popular theme in ceiling fan styling.

Originally tropical ceiling fans were considered to be a fad that would eventually lose popularity. That was about as wrong of a thought process as there could have been. In June of 2000, Gulf Coast Fans had begun to offer its Palm Bay ceiling fan for sell. I feel this was the beginning of the explosion of the tropical theme’s popularity in fans. The reason I feel this way is because prior to the Palm Bay, Fanimation was the only company that offered anything that would fit into an island inspired room flawlessly. Since the release of the Palm Bay and countless failed lawsuits over the design, it opened the doors for all fan manufacturers to explore into the market with safari ceiling fans, tropical, Bahama and Hawaiian styles, or whatever style a person would described these ceiling fans with leaf blades that have been inspired by nature.

Since that time tropical ceiling fans have grown more and more popular with interior designers. They create an atmosphere that inspires one to simply want to sit back and relax. The exotic blades are pitched sharply so that they are able to spin lazily around and still create a very soothing breeze into the room. This style will sometimes lead a person to wish they had a hammock to relax in, rather than traditional household furniture. They bring the feel of Hawaii into any home. The styling of these island inspired ceiling fans has become so popular that today it doesn’t matter whether your home is along the coast, or in the heartland of America, they will fit beautifully into almost any interior décor.

Now days you will find these ceiling fans that are perfect for a beach house from almost all fan makers. Hunter, Casablanca, Craftmade Ceiling Fans, Minka Aire, Gulf-Coast Fans, Ellington, Vaxcel/AireRyder, Emerson Fans, and many, many more. Pick your favorite designer ceiling fan maker, the choice is yours when you are searching for tropical ceiling fans, a designer theme that is becoming more and more popular year after year. And when you buy your new tropical ceiling fan from Palm Fan Store, you are buying from a place that specializes in tropical fans. As a matter of fact, in 2002 when we launched our online store, this was the only design in ceiling fans we offered. We have now expanded our selection into all fan style categories, but tropical indoor and outdoor fans are still our passion, and we do it better than anyone else. Call us with any questions, or place an order and let us prove it to you.

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