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Our optional extended warranties on electric fireplaces get rid of the rules and limitations of the standard manufacture's warranty.  It makes a repair, or in most cases, a replacement simple.  If the fire no longer lights, the heat no longer works, or the fan no longer blows simply contact us and we will take care of it, even if it isn't parts covered by the manufacture.

How do we determine whether we will replace or repair your fireplace box?  Simple!  Once we get your firebox back at our location we check to see what is wrong with it.  If it is a very minor repair that can be taken care of virtually right away, we will do the repair.  If the repair is going to cause us to have to order parts, delaying our ability to get your firebox shipped right back out to you, then we are going to replace it with a new one so that you are not inconvenienced longer than you should be.

There are only two things not covered by our extended warranty.  One being the mantel or cabinetry because there is nothing that can go wrong with those items except for user damage.  The other is a firebox that is broken due to user damage.  Examples of this would be someone thowing something at it and busting the glass our of the front.  Or in moving the fireplace it is dropped and causing it to break.  Other than extreme instances like these, if it stops working we fix it, even if it's not part of the manufacturer's warranty.