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Ethanol Fireplaces - Safe Bio-Ethanol Fires

Ethanol Fireplaces - Safe Bio-Ethanol Fires

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Our Bio-Ethanol fireplaces capture the beauty of a real open flame in a smokeless, easy to care for environment. These fireplaces have revolutionized the way that a fireplace is thought of with their clean easy burning fuel. Environmentally friendly, they are also one of the most economical ways to enjoy the smoke free flames with hassle free and care free operation.

With four times the hear of an electric fireplace, these Ethanol Fireplaces will provide safe heat for your home. Unlike many free standing fireplaces, these real fire flames do not get the surrounding areas hot. Without utility connections, many of these fireplaces can be easily relocated throughout your home.

Ethanol fireplaces are also one of the most economical choices when it comes to a fireplace. A typical sized flame can last for 20 hours on just a single can of 5 liters of fuel. With ethanol burning clean, efficient, and smokeless, you can enjoy the comfort of a fire without the chimney.

From table top to wall mounted, from classic to modern, all of our bio-ethanol fireplaces are designed to give you years of gorgeous smokeless and odorless flames. At Palm Fan Store we are certain that you will be happy with our selections.