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Ceiling Fan Low Price Guarantee

Lowest Prices On Fans, GUARANTEED!

At Palm Fan Store, we price every single ceiling fan at the manufacture's minimum allowed resale price points.  Therefore, we highly doubt you'll every find a lower price anywhere.  But in the rare (if ever) case you do, we do have a price guarantee to give you a reason to come back and purchase from us.  Here it is...

We will not be undersold by anyone!  If you find a lower price on a ceiling fan anywhere else online, before you buy, let us know.  If the price can be verified on a competitor's website, we'll match it, and then when possible, take more off of the price just as a way to say thank you for returning to us and giving us your business.

At the Palm Fan Store we would like everyone's business.  However, this price guarantee only applies to prices we can verify on our competitor's websites.  Some manufactures have a unilateral minimum resale price policy (UMRP).  If this is the case, we cannot sell below the UMRP.

If you happen to find a lower price online, call us at (888) 446-9331.  Please have the exact website where you found the lower price handy when calling so we can verify the price.  Once the price is verified we'll match it.  Then if you're ready to place the order, we'll beat it!  We will proceed to get all of the needed information from you to process your order and get your new fan right out to you.

Don't forget, shipping is part of a price and most online retailers will add another $30 or more to their listed price to ship a fan.  Although sometimes we charge for shipping also, most of our fans ship for FREE!

Keep in mind also, ALL OF OUR FAN PRICES INCLUDE BLADES.  We feel it is very misleading to show prices of ceiling fans not including blades.  Some fans have options for multiple blade choices, but the price should at least include the base model blades.  At the Palm Fan Store we do not price a ceiling fan without including everything you will possibly need to use it, of course the fan blades are a very important part of the ceiling fan.  At least we feel so.  How about you?


*Price guarantee is good at the time of purchase.  If a lower price is found at a later date due to various reasons, such as a manufacturer lowers the cost of an item, we will give you a refund in a form of a store credit that can be used towards future purchases.