No interior feature makes a grand statement quite like a sweeping ceiling. Is yours soaring 10 feet high or higher?

If so, you know that while the look can be striking, it can be challenging to design around these architectural features. 

For instance, what kind of fan do you need to support that height? Are their certain designs that work better with tall ceilings than others? 

Today, we're answering all of these questions and more. Join us as we dive into the best ceiling fans for high ceilings!

How to Find the Ideal Downrod Length

Before we take a look at some of the best large ceiling fans for high ceilings, let's explain how to properly measure for yours. 

The key to making a fan look great and operate well is to choose the correct length for your downrod. 

The downrod is that long, metal pipe that connects the fan's motor housing to your ceiling-mounted hardware. When installed correctly, this rod keeps the fan stable. It also ensures proper airflow, allowing enough space between the fan blades and the ceiling.

In most cases, ceiling fans are designed to produce optimal airflow for cooling when they're positioned eight to nine feet off the floor. That's why homeowners with ceilings no more than eight feet in height are best-suited for flush-mount or low-profile fans.

To find the best length for your downrod for summertime cooling, start by measuring your ceiling height. Then, subtract the hang down distance of the ceiling fan with its included standard downrod lenght. From that number, subtract the amount you need to get it to the hanging height you want (usually around eight to nine feet).

For instance:

  • 12-foot ceiling (144 inches) - 12-inch ceiling fan = 132 inches 
  • Nine-foot hanging height (108 inches)
  • 132 inches - 108 inches = 24 inches

In this example, you'll need a 24-inch downrod to hang your 12-inch ceiling fan nine feet off the floor of your 12-foot ceiling. Note that this number will not be exact, because you'll not be using the usual 3 to 6-inch downrod included with most fans, but it will get it close enough to make you look like a pro.

Sleek, Three-Blade Contemporary Fans

When you want to let your ceiling take center stage, you can find plenty of sleek, streamlined fans that add to your design without being too bold. 

Take the 60-inch Fanimation Spitfire Three-Blade Contemporary Fan, for instance. This model is UL damp rated for outdoor use, meaning it will fit in just as well on your towering back porch as in your grand family room. 

Not only does this fan feature a timeless design and gorgeously-crafted blades, but it's also available in a wide variety of fan and blade finishes. This means it works well in any room in your home!

As with any fan on this list, this one includes an option to purchase a longer downrod for taller ceilings. This downrod is available in a range of lengths, from 12 inches to 72 inches. 

Large, Industrial Style Fans

There's a reason that the industrial aesthetic has grown into a homeowner favorite. From chipped-paint desks to antique metal accessories, this trend offers plenty of unfussy ways to add vintage charm.

If you have high ceilings, you'll also appreciate that there are plenty of industrial ceiling fans to browse! One of our favorites is the 84-inch TroposAir Titan II Large Industrial Style Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

Not only is the fan itself larger than life, allowing it to fit perfectly in any area of your home, especially those areas with open, high ceilings! This fan model is available in three different fan finishes and comes equipped with premium, extruded aluminum blades.

Artistic, High-Tech Modern Fans

The walls of your home aren't the only places where you can showcase some unbelievable art!

Today, designers are creating ceiling fans that are more unique, ornate, and artistic than ever before. One prime example is the 64-inch Minka Aire Artemis Modern Ceiling Fan.

Featuring a powerful and efficient DC motor, this model is a thrill to watch and destined to turn plenty of heads. It also includes an integrated LED light for energy-saving illumination.

Want to change the speed in an instant? The Minka Aire Aremis has a full-function remote control, making it one of the smartest and most convenient designs on our list! The optional longer downrod on this model reaches 72 inches.

Simple and Elegant Fans

While we love an ornately decorated ceiling fan, some homeowners opt to keep the focus on their ceiling. When this is the case, a simple and timeless fan is the perfect solution. 

The TroposAir Elegant II Outdoor Ceiling Fan even has the word "elegant" in its name! Available in brushed nickel or pure white, this fan might look simple, but it's far from plain. Equipped with a robust DC motor, six mid-body blades, and a full-function, five-speed remote control, it's stocked with the latest upgrades and high-tech touches. 

With a downrod that reaches up to 72 inches, you can fit this classic beauty in any room in your house. It's also outdoor rated, adding the perfect touch to your traditional back porch.

Windmill Style Ceiling Fans

Want to evoke the relaxed vibe of a country windmill in any room of your house? Even with tall ceilings, you can do so with the Minka Aire Windmolen Windmill Style Ceiling Fan.

Featuring 12 stunning blades and a DC motor, this fan might sound quiet, but it's capable of producing nearly 9,000 CFM of airflow! This bold beauty is also a great way to introduce a little farmhouse decor into your home without saturating the space.

From your patio to your great room, this outdoor rated fan fits in well anywhere and includes an optional 72-inch downrod for taller ceilings. 

Find the Best Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings Today

Your tall ceilings help anchor your space and add a ton of gorgeous dimension to your home. With the right fan, you can help amplify this appeal.

Once you've measured your ceilings and chosen the model of fan you want, you can follow the calculation listed above to determine the exact downrod measurement you need. 

This list of the best ceiling fans for high ceilings is a great place to start, but it isn't exhaustive. We carry a wide variety of large fans designed to turn any home into the showstopper it was meant to be. 

Shop our full selection online and contact us with any questions.