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Fanimation Ceiling Fans

For some of the best designer styles, and best quality construction in the industry, look no further than Fanimation Ceiling Fans.

Innovative Palm and Belt Driven Fans

Fanimation became famous when they introduced the first palm blade ceiling fan, The Punkah. Still in production today, this fan is different in the way it moves air. Rather than spinning round and round, the fan blades rock back and forth, or side to side, creating a breeze similar to that found when using a oriental had fan. The Punkah is different also because of the way it mounts. It can be ceiling mounted, or mounted horizontally on a wall.

You may have also seen fans in industrial themed restaurants where a belt links several fans together, spinning the blades with one motor unit. If you have seen these, chances are they were some of Fanimation's belt driven fans, another unique touch offered by the company.

Today's New Modern Designs

Since starting out with these unique fans, Fanimation has branched out into a much broader market. They now offer some of the best luxury contempoary ceiling fans on the market in a wide variety of designer styles that will fit perfectly into your home décor. Styles from modern to classic, from tropical to rustic, and even industrial. Are categories all available from Fanimation, and at Palm Fan Store we have them all!