Smart Ceiling Fans

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  1. Minka Aire Molino LED - F742L - 65" Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $429.95
  2. TroposAir Liberator - 72" WiFi-Enabled-Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan - w/Custom Blades
    As low as $849.99
  3. Modern Forms Aviator 5 - FR-W1811-70 - 70" DC Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $879.95
  4. Modern Forms Zephyr - FR-W2006-62L - 62" DC LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $399.95
  5. Modern Forms Renegade - FR-W2001-66L - 66" DC LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $679.95
  6. Modern Forms Woody - FR-W1814-72L - 72" LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $999.95
  7. Modern Forms Wynd - FR-W1801-60L - 60" LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $549.95
  8. Minka Aire Sleek F868L - 60" Ceiling Fan - 3 Blade Contemporary w/ LED Light
    As low as $349.95
  9. Minka Aire Barn - F864L - 65" Ceiling Fan - DC Motor & LED Light - Windmill Styling
    As low as $549.95
  10. Modern Forms Roboto - FR-W1910-62 - 62" Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $389.95
  11. Minka Aire Windmolen - 65" Windmill Style Ceiling Fan with LED Light
    As low as $569.95
  12. Modern Forms Windflower - FR-W1815-60L - 60" Windmill Ceiling Fan - Wet Rated
    As low as $749.95
  13. Modern Forms Woody - FR-W1814-60L - 60" Smart Ceiling Fan - Rustic/Modern - Wet Rated
    As low as $699.95
  14. Modern Forms Orb - FR-W1816-62L - 62" LED Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan - Smart Apps
    As low as $899.95
  15. Modern Forms Morpheus III - FR-W1813-60L - 60" LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $599.95
  16. Modern Forms Vortex - FR-W1810-60 - 60" Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $649.95
  17. ***DISCONTINUED*** Modern Forms Venus - FR-W1920-60L - 60" LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  18. TroposAir Liberator - Big 72" Outdoor Ceiling Fan - Smart WiFi Connected - DC Motor
    As low as $849.99
  19. TroposAir Solara - 60" Smart Ceiling Fan with Option for LED Light
    As low as $499.99
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Ceiling Fans with Smart Home Automation

Remember the days when you walked into the room and to turn on the ceiling fan you had to reach up and pull a chain? With new technologies in ceiling fans those days are long gone. At PalmFanStore we would like to introduce you to Smart Ceiling Fans; the perfect edition to your smart home.

What Is a Smart Fan?

A smart ceiling fan goes way beyond just using a remote control for full operation of a ceiling fan. Smart fans allow complete automation with today's latest smart phones by simply downloading a smartphone app. They also integrated through tablets and other devices; working in a convenient way through WiFi, Bluetooth and more. With these fans you can skip the remote control and simply use your voice for total voice control.

They work with popular smart home things like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and more.

Use them with an Ecobee thermostat to get better money saving efficiency, and also have the fan speed up or slow down based on changes in room temperature. This is a much better way to regulate fan speed, because the setting four may be great if the temp inside your smart home is 74°, but once the temperature drops to 72° you will want your fan speed to drop a notch or two. A smart ceiling fan from the brand name Modern Forms has the ability to do this.

Download Easy to Use Apps

One thing all smart fans have in common is the ability to control each fan via WiFi and/or bluetooth by downloading an app to your cell phone or tablet. With most fan company apps, such as Fanimation fans, you can control your new modern ceiling fans anywhere you have an internet connection. This means if you are way from home and remember you forgot to turn the fan LED light off, simply open your app, select the correct fan (if you have more than one) inside the app, and turn the light off from wherever you are, even if you are half way around the world.

The fan company apps have many more features than just that. Many of the features help save more energy than even the super efficient DC motor used in most smart fans have the ability to save on their own. And, while speaking of motors, always look for a ceiling fan that utilizes DC motor technology; they are used in all of the best smart ceiling fans, because it helps them to produce more airflow while consuming less power.

Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest and More

As already stated, most smart ceiling fans can easily connect with devices such as Amazon Alexa, making them way cooler than having to reach up to pull a chain to turn on your ceiling fans like in the old days. How cool will it be, when you get hot in the kitchen while cooking dinner, and you are able to simply say, "Hey Alexa, turn my kitchen fan on speed 4." And Alexa says, "Okay!"

Not only is that a great feature, but many smart fans by Modern Forms can be program via calendars to turn off and on, and also change speeds based on your schedule. And, with their learning AI technology, the fan learns your patterns and sometimes helps you stay comfortable before you even know you were not.

Integrated LED Lights

Sometimes a smart ceiling fan does not have a light, while other times they do. When they do, you want your new a smart home fan having an old fashioned, energy consuming incandescent light? Or, you would want a modern LED light? Since you're being smart about making the perfect smart home, of course you want the latter. Smart fans have to best looking and completely integrated with the fan lights, powered by LEDs you will find.

We Are Here to Help

If you need any assistance in answering questions about any new smart fan you may be considering, pick up the phone and give us a call. We are always happy to help.

Whether you want a contemporary ceiling fan or a large rustic one, whether a high end model with a high price tag, or an inexpensive model it doesn't matter to us, because at Palm Fan Store we are here assist you. We want to help you create the best smart home experience possible that fits into your budget. We want help to make your purchasing experience more enjoyable, and be sure you get the products that works for you the first time.