Traditional Ceiling Fans

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  1. Minka Aire F692L-P Veer 56" Five Blades w/ LED Ceiling Fan
    As low as $299.95
  2. Minka Aire Contractor Uni-Pack LED - F656L - 52" Ceiling Fan
    As low as $179.95
  3. Minka Aire Sundowner Wet Outdoor - F589 - 54" Ceiling Fan
    As low as $449.85
  4. Minka Aire Delano II F711L - 52" Flush Mount Ceiling Fan - 3 Finish Choices
    As low as $419.95
  5. Minka Aire Volterra F702L - 52" Ceiling Fan w/ Uplighting - Traditional Styling
    As low as $479.95
  6. Minka Aire Delano F701L - 52" Traditional Ceiling Fan with Uplighting
    As low as $474.95
  7. Minka Aire Timeless F614 - 54" Ceiling Fan
    As low as $279.95
  8. Minka Aire Mojo F522L - LED - 52" Ceiling Fan
    As low as $214.95
  9. Minka Aire Classica F659 - 54" Ceiling Fan - Ornate Motor Housing Details
    As low as $239.95
  10. Minka Aire Traditional Concept F594L- 52" LED Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $419.95
  11. Minka Aire New Era F513 - 52" Ceiling Fan
    As low as $304.95
  12. Minka Aire Kafé F695 - 52" Traditional Ceiling Fan - Light / Remote Adaptable
    As low as $299.95
  13. Minka Aire Ultra-Max F588-SP - 54" Ceiling Fan
    As low as $334.95
  14. Minka Aire Mojo II F533L - LED - 52" Ceiling Fan
    As low as $281.85
  15. Minka Aire Espace F690L - LED - 52" Contemporary Ceiling Fan
    As low as $359.95
  16. Minka Aire Bling F902L - 56" LED Ceiling Fan with Crystal Chandelier Light
    As low as $559.95
  17. Minka Aire Kola F688 - 52" Ceiling Fan
    As low as $299.95
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Traditionally Styled Ceiling Fans to Stand the Test of Time

These traditional indoor ceiling fans offer a style that can be at home in any décor. They are basic on styling, designed like the ceiling fans your parents or grandparents owned, but BIG on function and performance. While ceiling fans styling has evolved recently, and many fans have turned into modern forms of art and function, these more basic fan designs have really never went out of style.

Perfect for a country farmhouse, or homes without such a modern flare, you can rest assured if you purchase these more basically styled ceiling fans from the Palm Fan Store, you'll be getting the utmost in quality. Plus, our fans use high performance motors, meaning much better airflow from other company's traditionally designed ceiling fans.

Customize Your Ceiling Fan

Most of our fans within this category can be customized by allowing for mix-and-match options. Choose your motor finish, choose your blade color, and sometmes even blade shape. Then choose whether or not you need a light, and if so, pick the light kit you like, not what the manufacturer thought you may like. So many custom options are available, so take your time and be creative and you'll end up having the perfect ceiling fan delivered right to your home to enjoy year after year.