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Extended Full Coverage Ceiling Fan Warranty

BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE - No More Dealing with 1 Year Factory Warranty Limitations Hidden Within All Ceiling Fan Warranties.


At Palm Fan Store we want every customer to be able to buy with confidence. This is why we have implemented our FREE and exclusive 10 Year Full Coverage Fan Warranty On All Ceiling Fans, a first of it’s kind offered from any fan retailer. That is 10x all manufacturer's factory full coverage warranty periods.

You may be wondering how this warranty will help, when the ceiling fan you are considering may already offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty from the manufacturer?  For the answer, consider what the word “LIMITED” means.  Click on these 3 factory warranty links to see what it means for yourself:






If you have clicked on the above warranty info links, you probably noticed a distinct pattern going on within each warranty.  That’s right!  Each fan company will only cover the entire fan for ONE YEAR.  The motor may have a Lifetime Warranty, but all parts controlling the motor’s functions are limited to only one year from the date of purchase.

At Palm Fan Store, we have the ability to service each fan we sell.  From our 33 years experience in ceiling fan sales and service we are confident in telling you the motor is not usually the part that fails should a fan stop operating.  There are capacitors, reverse switches, pull chain switches, printed circuit boards, flywheels, bearings and so on that can go bad within ceiling fans.  9 out of 10 times, when we service a ceiling fan, we find the issue is not the motor, and that is when our exclusive 10 Year Full Coverage Warranty comes in handy.  Hopefully you never have any issues with a ceiling fan purchased from us, but now you will have piece of mind knowing that if an issue does occur, for ten full years you are covered no matter what the issue may be.  Even when the fan manufacturer will not help, we will!

How does it work?  Simple.  Should a ceiling fan that you’ve purchased from us ever fail to operate within the 10 Year Full Warranty period, first, give us a call.  You’ll speak to an experienced staff member that can help to troubleshoot your fan right over the phone.  Once it is determined where the issue is coming from, we’ll then proceed to the proper warranty repair process.  Should we not be able to repair your fan, we’ll replace the fan, still at no cost to you.

Once you have purchased your fan or fans from us, you’ll receive an EXTENDED WARRANTY CERTIFICATE by email within 48 hours.  Please print and save the certificate for your records.