Minka Aire Timber LED - F747L - 68" Indoor Ceiling Fan

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The Minka Aire Timber Model - F747L - 68" Ceiling Fan, is an exquisite example of modern form and function. With the continued rise in a natural look within todays home, Timbers Natural Tung wood blades accomplish a warmth every home desires. With its 68 in. blades, its energy efficient DC motor and an integrated 26-Watt LED light, you cant miss. With the release of the newest Minka-Aire Smart Fan Collection, not only will your life get a little bit easier, but your ceiling fan is about to become smarter than ever before. Power to control your ceiling fan away from home with swipe of the finger using Minka Aire Technology. With Minka Aire Wi-Fi technology built-into the ceiling fan, you will be able to access all your standard fan features such as the speed, winter/summer airflow and light dimming along with new bonus features. Set your new Minka Aire Smart Fan on a timer, use the gentle breeze option, enable a home away feature or create a routine that sets the fan light to turn on at a certain interval to simulate someone being at home by using your Amazon Echo or Google Home assistant.