Outdoor Ceiling Fans

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  1. Fanimation Levon Custom Damp - MAD7912B-BPW7912 - 64" Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $630.96
  2. Fanimation Benito V2 - FP8003B - LED - 52" Ceiling Fan
    As low as $439.98
  3. Minka Aire Groton F681 - 56" Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan - Nautical / Industrial Design
    As low as $519.95
  4. Gulf-Coast Centurion - 52" Outdoor Wet Rated Ceiling Fan - Powerful Motor
    As low as $389.99
  5. Minka Aire Anywhere F307 - 16" Oscillating Fan
  6. Minka Aire Java F753 - 54" Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote
    As low as $329.95
  7. Minka Aire Java LED F753L - 54" Ceiling Fan with LED Light - Outdoor Rated
    As low as $394.95
  8. Hunter Mill Valley Low Profile 52" LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $299.99
  9. Hunter Havoc 54" Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light
    As low as $499.99
  10. Casablanca Piston 52" LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $399.99
  11. Casablanca Caneel Bay 56" Rustic Farmhouse Ceiling Fan with Modern Features
    As low as $699.99
  12. Modern Forms Axis - FR-W1803-52L - 52" LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $399.95
  13. Modern Forms Nautilus - FR-W1818-56L - 56" Nautical Ceiling Fan - Wet Rated
    As low as $599.95
  14. Modern Forms Aviator Flush Mounted - FH-W1811-54 - 54" Outdoor Ceiling Fan w/Optional LED Light
    As low as $579.95
  15. Modern Forms Lotus - FR-W1809-54L - 54" LED Ceiling Fan - Smart Fan - Wet Rated
    As low as $419.95
  16. Modern Forms Paradox - FR-W1922-56L - 56" LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $679.95
  17. Fanimation Wrap Custom - MAD8531-BPW8531-72 - 72" Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $679.96
  18. Fanimation Triaire Custom - MAD8514-BPW8514-56 - 56" Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $589.96
  19. Fanimation Torch - FP8458 - 52" Contemporary Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan - LED Up and Downlighting
    As low as $544.98
  20. Fanimation Stellar Custom - MAD7997-B7997-72 - 72" Big Ceiling Fan - Wet Rated w/ Extruded Aluminum Blades
    As low as $1,199.96
  21. Fanimation Spitfire - MA6721B-B6720-48 - Small 48" Ceiling Fan - Interior and Exterior Modern Design
    As low as $491.96
  22. Minka Aire Shade F683L - LED - 56" Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with DC Motor
    As low as $479.95
  23. Minka Aire Aluma Wet F523L - LED - 52" Ceiling Fan Outdoor Rated
    As low as $434.95
  24. Minka Aire Gyro Wet F402L - LED - 42" Dual Motor Ceiling Fan - Indoor/Outdoor Use
    As low as $1,014.95
  25. Modern Forms Aviator 5 - FR-W1811-70 - 70" DC Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $849.95
  26. Modern Forms Slim Flush Mount - FH-W2003-52L - 52" DC LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $419.95
  27. Craftmade Bellows I 16" Outdoor Wall Mount Fan
    As low as $400.60
  28. Craftmade Port Arbor 52" LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $315.80
  29. Craftmade Mondo 54" DC Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $421.80
  30. Craftmade Enduro Plastic 52" Light Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $260.80
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Outdoor Ceiling Fans - Wet and Damp Rated

Whether you need a Damp Rated or a Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fan, our models are designed with performance and beauty in mind. Made with the longest lasting materials and large strong motors, our ceiling fans are engineered to keep you cool and are built to last in your exterior location.

If you are looking for that perfect addition to your outdoor living space, or your screened in porch, it is important to make sure that it can stand up to all the elements that nature will throw at it in your given location. When shopping for an exterior ceiling fan you should consider its location first. If your new fan will be installed outside under a covered roof then all you will need is one that is UL listed for damp locations. If it will be in a location without a roof above, such as a pergola, you'll need a UL Wet rated ceiling fan. Remember, Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans can be used in a covered or uncovered location, but never use only damp rated one in an area where it will be getting directly rained upon, because it will damage the motor.

Modern Forms, TroposAir, Minka Aire Fans and More

In many stores, ceiling fans for outdoor use are very limited. When you do find one for outdoor usage, many times you will be limited to very few finish choices, usually only black or white. Not here! We have brands such as Modern Forms, that every single ceiling fan they make is designed for outdoor wet locations, and each come in many finish choices. It doesn't end with Modern Forms Fans, we have a huge selection of quality outdoor ceiling fans that come in many different finishes such as Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Steel, Silver, Pewter, Brushed Aluminum, and Wine, from all the top brands. The best part is that many of ours can be customized by mix-and-matching the perfect blade style and/or finish to your favorite motor color, as well as choosing custom lighting for many of our models. We even have tropical ceiling fans that can be used in direct rainfall.

With Modern Forms, Casablanca, Minka Aire, Gulf Coast, Craftmade, and other top names, you cannot go wrong with the quality and selection at Palm Fan Store. Therefore, before you make a mistake and settle for the poor selection of damp and wet outdoor ceiling fans found at your local home center, we invite you to take the time to browse our vast selection. All priced at manufacturer’s minimum resale pricing, the lowest prices allowed in our industry!