Buy Ceiling Fans with a Low Price Guarantee

All Fans Sold at Manufacturer's Minimum Allowed Resale Policies

At, not only do we have the industry's best quality ceiling fan selection, but we also offer the industry's lowest allowed prices on ceiling fans each and every day. All "SALE" prices online are the manufacturer's lowest allow resale price, and you cannot find a better deal on the same item without buying factory refurbished or "open box" ceiling fans, which in turn voids all warranties. Also, be aware, that if you do happen to find a lower price it will be against manufacturer authorized resale agreements, and any store breaking the policy will not tell you that it will void all factory warranties. When proof of purchase is shown for any warranty claim, if the price shown is lower than the manufacturer minimum allowed price, the manufacturer's consider it an "unauthorized purchase", thus voiding the product warranty. You don't want to save $20 or $30 on a $500 fan, whether from Minka Aire, Gulf Coast, or any of our other high end fan companies, and then later have no recourse if something isn't perfect.

That said, we do not like competitor's that cheat the system and hold the truth from you. Therefore, if you should find any ceiling fan on our website for a lesser price please let us know. We will match the lower price, providing you show proof and understand that this may void any claim to warranty coverage. Just simply call us with the lower price you've found prior to making your purchase with us, and if it is for the same item, new in the box and from a legitimate source, we will match that price, and in most cases still ship the item free and wave any sales tax.