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  1. Gulf-Coast Fans - Coastal Air 52" Tropical Leaf Ceiling Fan - High Performance DC Motor
    As low as $659.99
  2. Gulf-Coast 52" Bermuda V - Island Breeze Series - 16 Finish Combos
    As low as $289.99
  3. Gulf Coast Raindance - Venetian Leaf Series - 52" Outdoor Wet Rated Ceiling Fan
    As low as $519.99
  4. Gulf Coast Tiki - 52" Bamboo Ceiling Fan - Tropical Theme - Choice of 3 Blade Options
    As low as $379.99
  5. Gulf Coast Stratus - 52" Flush Mount Ceiling Fan - Mix and Match Motor / Blade Finishes
    As low as $299.99
  6. Gulf-Coast Bermuda Breeze - 52" Nautical Ceiling Fan with 3 Light Fixture
    As low as $389.99
  7. Gulf Coast Meridian - 52" Ceiling Fan - Custom Blade Finish Choice - Quality Construction
    As low as $299.99
  8. Gulf-Coast Dixie Belle - 42" Tropical Ceiling Fan - Hand-Carved Solid Wood Blades
    As low as $339.99
  9. Gulf Coast Raindance 52" Outdoor Ceiling Fan - UL Approved for Wet Locations
    As low as $399.99
  10. Gulf Coast Mini Breeze - Tiny 26" Ceiling Fan - Small 4-Blade Design
    As low as $169.99
  11. TroposAir Luna - 52" Contemporary Ceiling Fan for Indoor or Outdoor Locations
    As low as $399.99
  12. Gulf Coast Futura - 60" Ceiling Fan - Custom Blade Finish Choice - Semi-Modern Design Choice
    As low as $359.99
  13. Gulf Coast Dixie Belle - 52" Ceiling Fan - Custom Blade Finish Choice - Quality Traditional Design
    As low as $299.99
  14. Gulf Coast Raindance 100 Series - 58" Wood Leaf Ceiling Fan - Outdoor Rated Hand Carved Wood Blades
    As low as $599.99
  15. Gulf Coast Bamboo Dixie Belle - 52" Ceiling Fan w/ Oar Style Bamboo Blades - Subtle Tropical Design
    As low as $329.99
  16. Gulf Coast Tiara 750 Series - 72" Large Ceiling Fan - Traditional Design - Solid Wood Blades
    As low as $539.99
  17. Gulf Coast Nautical Raindance - 52" Maritime Ceiling Fan Design - 30 Color Combos
    As low as $529.98
  18. Gulf-Coast Metropolitan Dual Ceiling Fan - 2 x 24" Fans - Up to 61" Length
    As low as $349.99
  19. Gulf-Coast 42" Bombay - Tropical Palm Ceiling Fan - Outdoor Wet Rated
    As low as $289.99
  20. Gulf-Coast Centurion - 52" Outdoor Wet Rated Ceiling Fan - Powerful Motor
    As low as $439.99
  21. Gulf-Coast 50" Bombay - Palm/Tropical Ceiling Fan - Indoor/Outdoor
    As low as $309.99
  22. Gulf Coast Bermuda Sail - 31" Nautical Ceiling Fan - 1 Finish w/ 4 Blade Color Choices
    As low as $299.99
  23. Gulf-Coast Palm Breeze II 56" Ceiling Fan - Natural Palm Leaf Blades - Tropical
    As low as $499.99
  24. Gulf Coast Venetian - 52" Ceiling Fan with Leaf Blades - Illuminated Motor Housing
    As low as $429.99
  25. Gulf-Coast 52" Tropical Leaf Bermuda V - Beautiful Hand-Carved Wood Blades
    As low as $379.99
  26. Gulf-Coast Fans - Coastal Air 52" Bamboo Ceiling Fan - High Performance DC Motor
    As low as $629.99
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Ceiling Fans by Gulf Coast Fan Company

Gulf Coast Fans is a maker of high quality, high performance, and highly customizable ceiling fans that help you get the right look and finish combinations you need to match your décor. Gulf Coast has an huge colletion of tropical designed models, as well at their ever popular Twin Star III large dual motor ceiling fan, which can go either rustic or tropical, depending of blades chosen.

The company sells many different finishes and designs of blades separately from the fan motors. This way you get tons of options that will better match the color of your home décor.

Although they do offer some ceiling fans that include lights, Gulf Coast realizes that not all people need a light on their new ceiling fan, so why pay for something you don't need. Plus, not everyone is going to have the same taste in the style of light when they do need one. Therefore, the fan company also allows for customization of their various unique ceiling fans by choosing the fan light kit that is right for you! By allowing for customizations of fan, blade, and light combos, the they offer over 10,000 different fan designs to choose from.

If it's performance you are looking for, Gulf Coast is simply one of the best, if not the best fans you'll ever find. They pride themselves on using the industry's largest high performance motors. This means more airflow to keep you feeling cooler during the summer. The larger motors also help to keep the fans lasting longer and running quieter. Larger motors in ceiling fans is a win win situation.

When shopping The Palm Fan Store for the best selection of Gulf Coast Ceiling Fans, please do not hesitate to contact use with any questions you may have before the purchase. Give us a call, we will be glad to help. Besides, we get bored entering orders from the website if we don't get to help our customer first.