Tech Support and Warranty Help

Palm Fan Store Offers Warranty Support

Due to the high quality of the products we offer, it is rare that you will have any issues with a product you purchase from our website. However, no matter how good the quality control, once in a while a defective product slips through. Yes, even Casablanca makes a lemon every once in a while. If that should happen we are always here to help.

Each manufacturer has different guidelines for obtaining warranty replacements or repairs, and we are here to help simplify this process for you. Most of the time all it takes is getting you the direct phone number to technical support from the maker of your new ceiling fan. You'll simply call that number and troubleshoot the issue with the tech support person at the manufacturer, get that person's name, and then call us back with the resolution and we will get a part or replacement fan on the way to you under the manufacturer's warranty. Fanimation and all of our brands are great about taking care of their customers, even years after the sale.


Installation Tech Support

Many times a ceiling fan we sell may seemingly have an issue, but after hearing of the issue we find it is installation error rather than a defective product. Most installation errors can be easily resolved without a need to take the fan down from the ceiling.

The most common installation error is with remote control set up in fans that come with either handheld or in-wall remotes. Most of the time we can walk you through a simple factory reset process, which will reset the remote receiver back to its original state, and then walk you through a simple programming function, in which afterwards your new fan will work as intended.

Keep in mind, most of the remote setup mishaps come from "licensed electricians" that do not read the instructions for remote setup. Because of so many new DC motor fans available today, each having their own setup steps, without thoroughly reading through the setup instructions is asking for a mistake to happen. If you should find a fan not working as expected, and even if your licensed electrician says it is a defective fan, please first call us before taking the fan down from the ceiling. We find that 80% of these issues can be resolved by walking folks through the factory reset needed to resolve any initial setup mistake.