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  1. September 17, 2021

    How to Choose an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    Some say that research is revealing that global warming is making summers longer and hotter every year. 

    If the heat has been chasing you inside, it's time to look into installing some outdoor ceiling fans. Outdoor ceiling fans can create a cooling breeze no matter the weather, and allow you to spend more time in your outdoor living areas.

    However, before making a buying decision, you need to know how to pick the best ceiling fans for your space. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know to make a smart purchase and beat the heat. 


    When planning a ceiling fan installation, the first thing to think about is size. If you have a large area you want to cool, you might want to opt for larger ceiling fans

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  2. March 05, 2021

    The Ultimate Guide to Ceiling Fan Types

    The ceiling fan industry is expected to increase by almost 9 percent before the end of 2026.

    This industry has grown over the years not just in monetary value, but in design as well. No matter what you're looking for, you're sure to be able to find something that fits your space perfectly.

    You may not be aware of just how many options there are, but this comprehensive guide is sure to let you in all the not-so-secret ceiling fan types for your home.

    1. DC Motors

    DC stands for direct current. The other type of motor common to ceiling fans is an AC, or alternating current, motor.

    When compared with AC motors, a DC motor uses 70 percent less energy to operate. It also

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  3. January 27, 2021

    How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan For Your Home

    Ceiling fans effectively cool your space while letting you turn down your air conditioning. You can bump up your thermostat setting by 4 degrees and still stay just as comfortable. Sometimes you can even bump it up more if you have a more powerful ceiling fan that moves more airflow than average.

    Picking a ceiling fan seems easy enough until you start looking at all of the options available. Narrowing them all down to find the best ceiling fan for your space can seem overwhelming.

    Style is a big factor in finding a fan that fits well into your decor, but the specs of the fan are also important. You need a ceiling fan that fits the room and offers the cooling power that you want.

    Keep these things in mind when choosing the best ceiling fans for different space.

    Consider Ceiling Height

    Ceiling fans come with different mount types that affect how far down from the

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  4. December 07, 2020

    How Much Electricity Does a Ceiling Fan Use?

    Saving electricity is something that most people strive to do. For example, people will turn off (and even unplug) an appliance the moment they stop using it. Ceiling fans, though, use far less electricity than most people think.

    So, how much electricity does a ceiling fan use? Don't worry, we’ve got you covered.

    Let's take a look at everything you need to know.

    How Much Electricity Does a Ceiling Fan Use, Really?

    Under most circumstances, the average ceiling fan will use anywhere between $0.005 and $0.01 per hour. As you may expect, it's possible to leave ceiling fans on indefinitely and see virtually no impact on your electric bill.

    This n

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  5. November 25, 2020

    Can a Fan Be Too Big for a Room?

    Did you know that a complete home renovation can cost between $44,000 and $75,000?

    Whether it’s part of remodeling, can a fan be too big for a room? This burning question is something most novice homeowners ask. The short answer is it can, but several factors determine this.

    Don’t dismiss the size of the fan yet.

    With this guide, you’ll learn about whether a large fan is right for your desired room. Read on and find out more:

    Proper Room Sizes for Various Ceiling Fans

    Getting the right ceiling fan size is important since these appliances move a certain volume of air. For example, the average 44” ceiling fan moves 2,600-3,700 cubic feet of air each minute. If you put a fan of this size in a small room, you end up with air-moving capacity necessary for smaller sized living spaces.

    With that, here are some guidelines for each fan size. You can also

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  6. October 26, 2020

    What Are Tropical Ceiling Fans and Why Should You Get One?

    Are you looking to cool yourself off with tropical style ceiling fans?

    There's no better way to keep yourself from sweating than by relaxing in your living room. It's the room where you put all the furniture you use for leisure, after all. The only problem is that it's often in the heart of the house.

    This makes it hard for wind to circulate through the room. With tropical ceiling fans, though, this won't become a problem anymore. It will help you keep yourself cool and escape the summer heat or sudden heat waves that strike your area.

    What makes these fans different from the usual ones, though? Read on to learn what they are and why you should buy one for your home.

    What Are Tropical Ceiling Fans?

    Tropical ceiling fans are like regular ceiling fans, but with a tropical design somewhere on the fan. It can be on the blades, on the motor, or even on the light fixture if the fan has one.

    These are great at reminding us about our favorite

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  7. October 05, 2020

    How to Install a Pergola Ceiling Fan

    Did you know that the whole world is experiencing hotter temperatures today than at any point since 1,000 years ago? That’s a huge range, but you’ll likely notice that it’s warmer now than when you were younger.

    It’s easy to control the temperatures inside, thanks to AC and radiators. You don’t have as many options outdoors.

    If heat is stopping you from hanging out in your backyard, then you need an outdoor ceiling fan. Install it in your pergola; we’ll teach you how below.

    1. Choose a Wet-Rated Fan

    First, you must choose the right ceiling fan to install in your pergola. As your ceiling fan will be outside, it will have exposure to rain and all types of weather.

    Choose a wet-rated ceiling fan. It has a design and all-weather blades to help endure rain, snow, and ice. As such, you can also clean them with a hose

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  8. September 29, 2020

    Why You Should Consider Getting a Smart Ceiling Fan for Your Home

    Did you know that the U.S. ceiling fan market is estimated to reach approximately $445 million in value by 2021?

    There's a multitude of different options on the market for the smart home inclined as well. If you're already an owner of a couple of smart home devices, then adding a smart fan to your home's climate control mechanisms is the way to go. 

    And if you're hearing about smart fans for the very first time, then no worries. We've got you covered. 

    Keep on reading for our full breakdown on what a smart ceiling fan can add to your home, what benefits it can provide, as well as installation types. 

    The Smart Ceiling Fan: A Breakdown

    Before we head straight into the benefits and features that smart ceiling boasts of having, let's actually tackle what a

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  9. September 02, 2020

    Unique Ceiling Fans That Adds Flair to Your Home

    Research shows that 85% of prospective buyers want a ceiling fan in their new home. 

    Not only does a fan add instant comfort and functionality to a space, but it also adds a ton of flair. 

    Are you looking to install one in your house? You'll find that there are more designs, shapes, and colors to choose from than ever before. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, there's a model for you.

    Today, we're taking a quick look at a few of our most unique ceiling fans that are sure to turn heads! 

    Belt-Driven, Long Neck Ceiling Fans

    When most people imagine a ceiling fan, they think of multiple blades that rotate around a fixed, center mount.

    This Fanimation Brewmaster Long Neck

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  10. July 28, 2020

    Does Ceiling Fan Size Matter? Spoiler Alert: Yes, Yes It Does

    A ceiling fan can add visual interest and drama to any room, tying the furnishings together and helping everything appear more finished. 

    Yet, it's important to keep scale in mind. 

    A small, low-profile fan can disappear into a soaring, 12-foot ceiling, while an oversized one usually looks out of place in a small bedroom. Whether your style is bohemian, traditional, eclectic, or modern, balance is key.

    Today, we're sharing a quick guide to choosing the right ceiling fan size, so you can get it right every time!

    Why Does Ceiling Fan Size Matter?

    When we talk about ceiling fan sizes, we're describing a range of factors, including downrod length and blade span. 

    For instance, small fans often sit flush to the ceiling, with a blade span that usually starts around 24 inches and can extend to 49 inches. On the other hand, large ceiling fans include a downrod for 8 to 9 foot ceiling, and longer downrods are available

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