Zachary Eller

  1. October 05, 2020

    How to Install a Pergola Ceiling Fan

    Did you know that the whole world is experiencing hotter temperatures today than at any point since 1,000 years ago? That’s a huge range, but you’ll likely notice that it’s warmer now than when you were younger.

    It’s easy to control the temperatures inside, thanks to AC and radiators. You don’t have as many options outdoors.

    If heat is stopping you from hanging out in your backyard, then you need an outdoor ceiling fan. Install it in your pergola; we’ll teach you how below.

    1. Choose a Wet-Rated Fan

    First, you must choose the right ceiling fan to install in your pergola. As your ceiling fan will be outside, it will have exposure to rain and all types of weather.

    Choose a wet-rated ceiling fan. It has a design and all-weather blades to help endure rain, snow, and ice. As such, you can also clean them with a hose

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  2. July 01, 2020

    How to Fix a Noisy Ceiling Fan to Keep Your Sanity

    One minute, you're relaxing underneath the gentle breeze of your ceiling fan. The next, you're trying to ignore the pesky, repetitive click you hear every time the blades spin.

    A fan should be a source of comfort and convenience in your home, never annoyance. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to help eliminate the distraction.

    Today, we're discussing how to silence a noisy ceiling fan, so you can get back to enjoying yours as intended!

    Check the Blades

    Is your ceiling fan making noise? 

    If so, check the fan blade connections.

    There are screws that connect the blades to the blade irons. If these come loose, they can create an aggravating, intermittent ticking sound. In the fan industry, this is known as a "blade tick".

    The same applies to the screws that connect the blades to the fan motor. If these become loose, a ticking noise can also occur.

    While you're inspecting your fan connections,

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  3. May 07, 2020

    Ceiling Fans for Modern Home Technology

    Once the Future, Now the Present

    Todays’ homes feature automation that once was only a fantasy.

    When I was a kid I used to love sitting around watching cartoons. One of my favorites was The Jetsons. I remember George getting home from work, exiting his little spaceship car, then up the vacuum tube style elevator into his home. Once inside he was greeted by his robot dog Astro, and his robot maid.

    Some of the things I saw were so cool, but who would have ever thought some of those things would become present day technology that we take for granted everyday when we use them. One episode even had a kid watching The Flintstone’s on a small computer type device attached to his wrist. Aka: today’s Apple Watch!

    They would speak to activate devices in the home. Now we have Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and so on.

    Now, when we get the spaceship style flying car, that automatically folds into a briefcase, we’ll be getting somewhere!

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