Did you know that a complete home renovation can cost between $44,000 and $75,000?

Whether it’s part of remodeling, can a fan be too big for a room? This burning question is something most novice homeowners ask. The short answer is it can, but several factors determine this.

Don’t dismiss the size of the fan yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn about whether a large fan is right for your desired room. Read on and find out more:

Proper Room Sizes for Various Ceiling Fans

Getting the right ceiling fan size is important since these appliances move a certain volume of air. For example, the average 44” ceiling fan moves 2,600-3,700 cubic feet of air each minute. If you put a fan of this size in a small room, you end up with air-moving capacity necessary for smaller sized living spaces.

With that, here are some guidelines for each fan size. You can also

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