Best Quality Ceiling Fan Selection has the Best Quality Ceiling Fan Selection

We could open an account with every ceiling fan brand in the industry, but we do not wish to. We already carry the top 8 ceiling fan brands for overall quality available. Between these brands, there is style and price point for everyone. We are one of the internets biggest retailers for Minka Aire ceiling fans.


Variety of Fan Controls

We have basic three speed ceiling fans that are operated by basic pull chain switches right on the fan. We have remote controlled fans so that you don't have to get off the couch to turn up the speed of your ceiling fan. We even have Smart Fans, for those that don't even feel like picking up a remote control, and would rather just tell their new ceiling fan what to do!


Indoor & Outdoor - Damp & Wet Rated

We offer fans made for indoor only use, and we offer fans for use in either outdoor or indoor locations. Remember, you can always use an outdoor fan indoors, but you should not use indoor fans outdoors.

Our outdoor rated ceiling fans come in damp rated and wet rated models (all Modern Forms ceiling fans are wet rated). A damp rated ceiling fan is fine for any outdoor application as long as there will be a roof above the fan. Whereas a wet rated fan is designed to withstand direct water contact from rain coming in from above, when installed in areas such as a pergola. Damp rated fans can withstand a mist from heavy blowing rains, but not directly contact from the heavy rains. Therefore, if your area has no roof above you should always opt for a wet rated model. Either way you go, we have you covered.


More Efficient Ceiling Fans

We carry a wide range of ceiling fans with the new DC motor technology, for even more energy savings than you would already expect to get from a ceiling fan. DC ceiling fan motors are up to 4 times more energy efficient at high speed, and some are as much as 10 times more efficient on low speed than ceiling fans with standard AC motors. Plus, with a DC fan, you will get a better range of speeds, usually six, for a more customized speed setting for better comfort in your living space, not to mention that they run without any 60 cycle motor hum.


TroposAir Ceiling Fans

We even have TroposAir ceiling fans, which is an extremely high quality, hard to find brand that is available from just handful of select websites. The brand offers some of the most powerful fans for air movement you'll find, including their 96" Liberator ceiling fan! The majority of TroposAir fan use DC motors, and many come with special features built in such as timers and "Natural Breeze" settings.


Bottom Line

If you cannot find what you are looking for, at the lowest possible price, here at, well... You probably aren't going to find it.