Industrial Styled Ceiling Fans

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  1. Modern Forms Renegade - FR-W2001-66L - 66" DC LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $599.95
  2. Modern Forms Renegade - FR-W2001-52L - 52" DC LED Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $499.95
  3. Modern Forms Roboto - FR-W1910-62 - 62" Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $349.95
  4. Modern Forms Roboto - FR-W1910-52 - 52" Outdoor Ceiling Fan
    As low as $299.95
  5. Modern Forms Lotus - FR-W1809-54L - 54" LED Ceiling Fan - Smart Fan - Wet Rated
    As low as $389.95
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Industrial Inspired Ceiling Fans

Palm Fan Store has a wide selection of modern industrial inspired ceiling fans, with great features such as DC motors, remote controls, WiFi connectivity to control your new fan from a smartphone or tablet, and even some ready to work out of the box with popular devices such as Amazon's Alexa.

Large for Large Spaces

We have the internet's largest selection of big ceiling fans. These fans are designed to move a high cubic feet per minute rating of airflow, helping them to move airflow evenly across large areas.

Normal fans with powerful motors tend to push a lot of air right below the blades, but have a hard time spreading the airflow around the entire room. This airflow pattern can be annoying by producing too much if sitting below the ceiling fan, yet hardly enough if sitting further away. An oversized fan with a 72 inch to 120 inch blade span solves this problem with a perfectly even distribution of the air.

Not only do these large industrial styled fans more evenly spread air into a living space, but they do it in style. Most feature sleek, modern, industrial styling that fits perfectly with todays décor trends. They look great in the modern farmhouse décor theme, as well as add a touch of sophistication to a contemporary loft apartment. Really, with their simple designs, there really isn't a space these fans don't fit well in.

Not All Industrial Fans Are Big

Some industrial styled fans come in sizes fit small living spaces as well. Many people think of industrial ceiling fans as the huge models they may have seen in an open warehouse setting, but industrial is not a size in fans, it's a style.

Here at PalmFanStore, we have industrial themed fans perfect for average sized and smaller sized bedrooms alike. If looking for a fan to go in a teenager's room, teens really tend to love this style category.