Rustic & Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

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  1. Gulf-Coast Twin Star III - Large Dual Ceiling Fan - Customize Fan Blade Combinations
    As low as $1,299.99
  2. Gulf Coast Tiara 750 Series - 72" Large Ceiling Fan - Traditional Design - Solid Wood Blades
    As low as $539.99
  3. Gulf Coast Riviera II 450 Series - 60" Traditional Ceiling Fan - Solid Wood Beveled Edge Blades
    As low as $509.99
  4. Gulf-Coast 52" Tropical Leaf Bermuda V - Beautiful Hand-Carved Wood Blades
    As low as $339.99
  5. Gulf Coast Dixie Belle - 52" Ceiling Fan - Custom Blade Finish Choice - Quality Traditional Design
    As low as $259.99
  6. Gulf Coast Tiara 525 Series - 60" Ceiling Fan - Carved Solid-Wood Blades
    As low as $589.99
  7. Gulf Coast Raindance 100 Series - 58" Wood Leaf Ceiling Fan - Outdoor Rated Hand Carved Wood Blades
    As low as $559.99
  8. Gulf-Coast Centurion - 52" Outdoor Wet Rated Ceiling Fan - Powerful Motor
    As low as $389.99
  9. Gulf Coast Raindance - Venetian Leaf Series - 52" Outdoor Wet Rated Ceiling Fan
    As low as $459.99
  10. Gulf Coast Venetian - 52" Ceiling Fan with Leaf Blades - Illuminated Motor Housing
    As low as $399.99
  11. Gulf Coast Meridian - 52" Ceiling Fan - Custom Blade Finish Choice - Quality Construction
    As low as $259.99
  12. Gulf Coast Raindance 52" Outdoor Ceiling Fan - UL Approved for Wet Locations
    As low as $359.99
  13. Gulf Coast Ramsey - 52" Ceiling Fan with Light - Transitional Styling
    As low as $329.99
  14. Gulf Coast Stratus - 52" Flush Mount Ceiling Fan - Mix and Match Motor / Blade Finishes
    As low as $259.99
  15. Gulf-Coast Bermuda Breeze - 52" Nautical Ceiling Fan with 3 Light Fixture
    As low as $369.99
  16. Gulf Coast Bamboo Dixie Belle - 52" Ceiling Fan w/ Oar Style Bamboo Blades - Subtle Tropical Design
    As low as $279.99
  17. Gulf-Coast Twin Star III - Large Dual Motor Outdoor Ceiling Fan w/ Tropical Palm Style ABS Blades
    As low as $1,299.99
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Rustic & Modern Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

Looking for Rustic Ceiling Fans with antler lighting, or Lodge Ceiling Fans to give a warm and cozy feeling to your favorite country retreat? At Palm Fan Store we offer a wide assortment of these fans with good old-fashioned styling. We have them for outdoor or indoor use, in sizes from small to large, and in singles or in dual motor models.

Popular County Modern Farmhouse Décor

Many of these feature modern function with beautiful country charm. Although an aged look in styling, the technology behind the high-performance motors and convenient control systems is darn near futuristic. It's hard to believe ceiling fans with such aged handmade looks can be so up-to-date in functionality, but take the Gulf Coast Fans DC-3 for example, with its contemporary rustic look and dark distressed walnut blades, and how it can be so modern, yet so rustic. This is exactly to look that is perfect four today's country farmhouse design trends. Many models use a state-of-the-art, energy efficient DC motors with integrated LED lighting, and come loaded conveniences like a full-function 6 speed remote control system. Some even offer smart phone control and voice commands.

Whether you are designing a getaway room with mountain charm in the middle of the city, or you are looking for fans for a log cabin in the woods, we invite you to take your time to browse our vast selection of modern farmhouse, rustic, and other lodge style ceiling fans.