Tropical Ceiling Fans

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  1. Gulf-Coast Fans - Coastal Air 52" Tropical Leaf Ceiling Fan - High Performance DC Motor
    As low as $659.99
  2. Gulf-Coast 52" Bermuda V - Island Breeze Series - 16 Finish Combos
    As low as $289.99
  3. Gulf-Coast 42" Bombay - Tropical Palm Ceiling Fan - Outdoor Wet Rated
    As low as $289.99
  4. Gulf-Coast 50" Bombay - Palm/Tropical Ceiling Fan - Indoor/Outdoor
    As low as $309.99
  5. Gulf-Coast Palm Breeze II 56" Ceiling Fan - Natural Palm Leaf Blades - Tropical
    As low as $499.99
  6. Gulf-Coast Fans - Coastal Air 52" Bamboo Ceiling Fan - High Performance DC Motor
    As low as $629.99
  7. Gulf-Coast Dixie Belle - 42" Tropical Ceiling Fan - Hand-Carved Solid Wood Blades
    As low as $339.99
  8. Gulf Coast Raindance 100 Series - 58" Wood Leaf Ceiling Fan - Outdoor Rated Hand Carved Wood Blades
    As low as $599.99
  9. Gulf-Coast 52" Tropical Leaf Bermuda V - Beautiful Hand-Carved Wood Blades
    As low as $379.99
  10. Gulf-Coast Bermuda Breeze - 52" Nautical Ceiling Fan with 3 Light Fixture
    As low as $389.99
  11. Gulf Coast Venetian - 52" Ceiling Fan with Leaf Blades - Illuminated Motor Housing
    As low as $429.99
  12. Gulf-Coast Twin Star III - Large Dual Ceiling Fan - Customize Fan Blade Combinations
    As low as $1,449.99
  13. Gulf Coast Raindance - Venetian Leaf Series - 52" Outdoor Wet Rated Ceiling Fan
    As low as $519.99
  14. Gulf Coast Bamboo Dixie Belle - 52" Ceiling Fan w/ Oar Style Bamboo Blades - Subtle Tropical Design
    As low as $329.99
  15. Gulf Coast Tiki - 52" Bamboo Ceiling Fan - Tropical Theme - Choice of 3 Blade Options
    As low as $379.99
  16. Gulf-Coast Twin Star III - Large Dual Motor Outdoor Ceiling Fan w/ Tropical Palm Style ABS Blades
    As low as $1,449.99
  17. Gulf Coast Nautical Raindance - 52" Maritime Ceiling Fan Design - 30 Color Combos
    As low as $529.98
  18. Gulf Coast Bermuda Sail - 31" Nautical Ceiling Fan - 1 Finish w/ 4 Blade Color Choices
    As low as $299.99
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Indoor and Outdoor Tropical Ceiling Fans

We are America's largest online retail store for tropical ceiling fans, for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you live on the coast and are looking to reflect that lifestyle in your décor, or you would simply like to live in that tropical escape sort of mind, our island themed designs are the perfect addition to your home. Our fans are made with care with quality materials, we have a variety of selections from bamboo, rattan, wide palm leaf blades, and even hand carved wood grain leaf designs.

Perfect for your island home, your beach house, or just for creating that feel of the tropics in any home. Each of our exotic fans will provide cool comfortable circulating air with a style that gives a peaceful and tranquil feeling. We also have tropical fan designs for your outdoor patio proven to stand up to the elements, that will distribute a welcomed even flow of refreshing breeze as you relax on a hot humid day.

Modern, Contemporary, Beach & More

As with all of our fans, each tropical ceiling fan is made with the highest caliber of materials that provide equal weight distribution to assure that it will always operate smoothly. Our motors are stronger then our competitors, which means more airflow and quieter operation. With blades engineered with balance in mind and created from sizes ranging from a small ceiling fan of 42 inches all the way up to our 87 inch Twin Star II, a dual motor design with oversized unique blades that demand attention, we have the size that you need.

Some people refer to use these exotic tropical ceiling fan designs as Hawaiian, Bahama, and even safari themed. Whichever you prefer to call them, we have a huge selection of both outdoor tropical ceiling fans and indoor ones as well, in finishes from Dark Bronze to Pure White. When we first started our website in 2002, tropical was the main style we focused on, thus making us the authority in palm leaf and bamboo ceiling fan designs.